Post Extraction Molar Tooth Replacement
A common need for dental implant treatment is replacement of a failing molar tooth.

The size and shape of the multi-rooted socket is often not suited to the placement of a typical implant, resulting in compromised implant positioning or poor primary stability. This may result in a waiting period of 3-4 months to allow for healing before attempting to place an implant. The healed site will often present with reduced bone height, resulting in the need for augmentation, especially in the Maxilla. This leads to further lengthening of treatment time with increased cost and complexity.


The MAX Implant allows immediate placement in molar extraction sockets

  • Preserving bone and soft tissue
  • Reduces buccal bone resorption
  • Limits sinus pneumatization– longer implant, better prognosis
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Documented minimal bone remodeling
Technical Facts on MAX
  • 6mm (External Hex only), 7mm, 8mm and 9mm
  • Greater degree of taper allows for maximum engagement of the inter-radicular bone within the socket.
  • 7mm, 9mm, and 11mm lengths
  • Innovation unique to Southern Implants, available in 4 different connections; External Hex, TRI-NEX® Internal Hex & Internal Octagon
Simplicity in Predictable Molar Rehabilitation
Round And PEEK Anatomically Shaped Healing Abutments
PEEK & Ti Temporary Cylinders
Ceramic Abutment Up To 9mm Diameter
Passive Abutment™ – Screw Retained
CAD/CAM Abutments
MAX Implant
Surgical Benefits
  • Designed for immediate placement in molar extraction sockets
  • Reduces need for bone grafting
  • Increases patient acceptance
  • Reduces the number  of surgical interventions
  • Satisfied referral base
Prosthetic Benefits
  • Sub-crestal placement leads to appropriate emergence profile
  • Platform switch improves soft tissue stability
  • Screw access hole in favorable position
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