Peri-Implantitis Risk Management
Well Documented Surface
  • Sa approx. 1.4 micron
  • Sa% approx. 60%
  • Midrange of wettability
  • Clean
  • Stabile
Proven Successful for 20 years
Few Surfaces on the Market Have Longer Follow-up Time
Solution MSc- Hybrid Implant
Machined Surface Coronal
Peri-implantitis Risk Management in High Risk Patients

A machined coronal region of specific surface roughness enhances the efficacy of preventive maintenance measures, thereby decreasing the risk of peri-implantitis.

Surface roughness value:
Average Ra ~ 0.8μm


The complementary moderately rough portion assures the superior osseointegration of modern surfaces. The Southern enhanced surface is an abraided rough surface. This is the same dense form of titanium common to “machined” surface implants. The Southern Surface has proven success for 18 y.

Surface roughness value:
Average Sa ~ 1.4μm

MSc-Hybrid Implant Designed for:
Treatment of High Risk Patients:
    • Heavy smokers
    • History of periodontal disease
    • Uncontrolled Diabetes
    • Compromised Immune system
MSc Clinical Benefits:
  • Southern Implants well documented surface for fast and secure osseointegration
  • Approximately 3mm of machined surface with controlled anisotropic roughness approx. Ra 0.8 micron
  • Clinical trial shows no difference in initial bone levels
  • Less difficult to maintain in the event of biological complications and an improved  chance of healing!
MSc Impants
Passive Abutment – Screw Retained
Compact Conical Abutment – Screw Retained
CAD/CAM Abutment – Screw Retained Crowns
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