The TIB abutment is a scannable abutment
that can be used in preparing CAD/CAM restorations.

TIB Abutments unique design allows it to be used with leading CAD/CAM systems by either scanning the abutment directly or using digital CAD/CAM libraries. Made from Titanium the abutment creates a Ti-Ti connection between the abutment and implant. Machined grooves increase cement retention and the Gold anodizing improves aesthetics. The flat on the side of the abutment provides a scannable and indexing feature to the abutment.

TIB abutments are available in 3 collar heights as well as engaging and non-engaging.
Sirona software selection

Note: Abutment and screw are sold separately.

Procedures for Sirona Systems

1. Attach the TIB abutment to the implant for intra-oral scanning or lab analogue for desktop scanning and screw down with the appropriate laboratory screw and driver.

2. Chose either the white or grey Sirona scanbody depending on your Cerec scanner (refer to Cerec manuals for more details).

3. Align the guide grove in the scanbody with the TIB abutment and make sure that it seats flush without any gaps.

4. Select the correct scanbody and TiBase in the software. Refer to Table 1 for the TiBase selection.

5. Take a scan with your scanner as normal. Ensure that the top of the scan body is completely captured.

6. Use the Sirona software to design the shape of the restoration and mill the shape from a meso block size L (see the InLab 3D for Abutments User Manual).

7. Carefully follow the instructions and information in the Operating Instructions for meso blocks.

3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings

SIDigital libraries are available by registering (Click Here).
The TIB is used in conjunction with Southern Implants’ scan flags for 3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings. Refer to individual product catalogues for more information.

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