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Who We Are

Southern Implants was established in 1987 to develop, manufacture and distribute dental implants. Southern Implants has been a pioneer in this field over the last two decades and has contributed extensively to ongoing enhancements with respect to the osseointergration of implant devices, surgical techniques, patient education and options for treatment.

What We Create

Southern Implants is focused on the top-end specialist sector of the implant market. Our product range is continually being expanded to incorporate the newest technologies and trends. Where many of our competitors are rationalizing their product range, Southern is offering more choices.

Our implants are made from pure Grade IV Titanium (ASTM F67). ASTM F67 is an unalloyed Titanium grade for surgical implant application. The implant surface is enhanced with Southern Implants abraded SInergy Surface, which has been proven by way of extensive animal and clinical trials, and has been in use for more than 20 years… Read More.