Southern Implants has been a pioneer in the top-end specialist sector of the dental implant market since 1987, servicing maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists and general dental practitioners alike.

What leading clinicians are saying about Southern Implants Products

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Why Southern Implants?
Why Co-Axis?
Full-Arch Rehabilitation with Co-Axis
For Accelerated Implant Therapy
Anterior Aesthetics with the Co-Axis Implant
Post Molar Extraction
with MAX
Less Invasive Implant Therapy with Site-Specific Implants
For Accelerated Implant Therapy
The Co-Axis Implant
The MAX Implant

Part 1: Introduction – When and Why to Use a Wide-body Implant from Southern Implants

Part 2: MAX Implant Surgical Techniquefrom Southern Implants

Part 3: MAX Implants in the Mandible

Part 4: MAX Implant Demonstrationfrom Southern Implants

Zygomatic Implants
The Passive™ Abutment
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