“Concept of Bologna” Micro surgery kit, Prof. Zucchelli


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Πληροφορίες Προϊόντος: “”Concept of Bologna” Micro surgery kit, Prof. Zucchelli”

consisting of:
12927.00 Perio probe, North Carolina PNC
7757.62 Curette Gracey GRXXS7-8, green
7761.62 Curette Gracey GRXXS11-12, violet
7763.62 Curette Gracey GRXXS13-14, blue
14514.03 Scalpel blade holder, straight
14510.00 Micro scalpel blade holder
14062.17 Forceps, Cooley, surgical atraum., ultra fine, 0,6 mm, straight, 17,5 cm (2x)
14425.00 Periosteal elevator, Prichard PR3
14446.01 Tunnel instrument fig. 1
14419.03 Periosteal elevator, De Wijs, 3 mm
14421.02 Periosteal elevator, Molt, fig. 2
14438.00 Periosteal elevator, Zucchelli, 2 / 2,5 mm
14438.01 Periosteal elevator, Zucchelli, 2 / 1,5 mm
3501.11 Scissors, Iris, plane, curved, 11,5 cm
13555.16 Micro scissors, Zucchelli, curved, extra fine, 16 cm
14760.18 Micro needle holder, Zucchelli, TC, 0,6 mm, straight, 18 cm
14761.18 Micro needle holder, Zucchelli, TC, 0,5 mm, straight, 18 cm
76453.00 p.i.c.®-tray, with 2 racks for Zucchelli kits

This set was assembled and tested in close cooperation with:


Prof. G. Zucchelli DDS, PhD
Professor at Bologna
University, Italy


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