“Concept of Bern” module Perio set, Prof. Dr. Dr. Sculean


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Πληροφορίες Προϊόντος: “”Concept of Bern” module Perio set, Prof. Dr. Dr. Sculean”

consisting of:
•12927.00 Perio probe, North Carolina PNC
•12920.00 Perio probe, Nabers CQ2N, colour-coded, DE
•7755.10 Curette Gracey GR5-6, yellow
•7757.10 Curette Gracey GR7-8, green
•7761.10 Curette Gracey GR11-12, violet
•7763.10 Curette Gracey GR13-14, blue
•12941.00 Gingivectomy knife, Orban Or1-2, contra-angled, DE
•12837.00 Chisel, Rhodes, Back Action
•14621.15 Bone curette, Lucas, 1,5 mm, DE
•7835.10 Scaler H6-7, green
•2991.11 p.i.c.®-tray, with 2 racks for 11 instruments and clamp clip

This set was assembled and tested in close cooperation with:

Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Sculean, M.S.
Director clinic for periodontology,
University Bern

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