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Conveniently watch world-class educators present a variety of topics from solutions that allow you to treat patients more efficiently with better outcomes to precision product engineering.

Webinar: A MAX Masterclass

Southern Implants’ site specific implants go a long way to providing clinicians with additional tools to address challenging cases. The MAX implant is no exception – this wide bodied implant was specifically designed for immediate placement in a molar extraction socket.

This unique MAX Masterclass Webinar on the revolutionary & innovative MAX immediate molar replacement implant will be presented by 3 well known South African cum laude graduates who will share with you their 15 years clinical MAX implant experience:

1) Dr Andrew Ackermann, cum laude Prosthodontist from the University of Pretoria designed & developed the MAX implant in collaboration with Southern Implants. He received the 2008 AO Award for the best Clinical Innovation in Implant Dentistry as a result. Dr Ackermann will discuss the technical aspects and design of the implant and instrumentation, as well as some insights into the prosthetic aspects.

2) Dr Andre Hattingh, cum laude Periodontist from the University of Pretoria & currently completing his PhD on the MAX implant at the University of Gent, Belgium, will present surgical guidelines for successful MAX implant treatment. He will also present some of the most recently published papers on the MAX. Andre is probably the most experienced user of the MAX implant in the world.

3) Dr Costa Nicolopoulos, cum laude Wits University dental graduate & College of Medicine of South Africa Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon will share his experience using the MAX implant in extreme/advanced cases. Dr Nicolopoulos is a prolific surgeon with a wide range of extreme cases under his belt.

This webinar is a fantastic opportunity to see these groundbreaking clinicians together in one forum.

Presented by: Dr Andrew Ackermann, Dr Andre Hattingh, Dr Costa Nicolopoulos


Webinar: The Nazalus Protocol: 6 years on

Presented by: Drs. Pietro Ferraris and Giovanni Nicoli Transinus implants and more specifically the Nazalus Implant is a new site specific implant that allows patients with severe atrophy of the upper jaw to receive immediate fixed prosthetic rehabilitation, reducing time and costs while ensuring good long term predictability

Webinar: Digitally Driven Complex Full Arch Implant Cases

Nowadays, the application of many digital tools in our offices is a reality. The question is, can all these tools give us a surplus value to deal with complex and extensive cases of implants, or does the analog mode remain the gold standard? Is it worth investing time and money in digital technology?
In this webinar, we will try to answer this question through clinical examples that represent different scenarios and covering the entire workflow involving complex & extensive immediate loading implant cases.

Webinar: Achieving Success in Full Arch Immediate Loading

With the increased costs and patient morbidity due to bone grafting often required in full arch implant reconstructions, an increased patient resistance to implant treatment has been noted.
In such patients with suboptimal bone volume , bone grafts…

Webinar: Implant Site Optimisation using Osseodensification

This clinically based presentation will focus on a relatively new technology that optimises implant site development  by increasing bone density and implant primary stability…

Webinar: Optimizing Outcomes and Practice Efficiency Utilizing Less Invasive, Accelerated Implant Therapy Protocols

Dental implant therapy continues to evolve to the benefit of the patient and the clinicians involved. Advances in innovation have allowed protocols to be more precise and streamlined. The resulting benefits for the patients are optimized outcomes delivered over a shorter period of time. The associated benefits for the clinician are increased patient volumes, faster throughput, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

A comprehensive retrospective analysis of implant procedures completed between 2015 and 2019 has been undertaken by a referral based oral and maxillofacial surgery practice and a referral based prosthodontic practice in the suburbs of Chicago. The following case types are included: full arch therapy for advanced alveolar atrophy, oncology, immediate molar replacement, anterior aesthetic cases, and short span fixed bridges.

This webinar educational program will review how incorporating next generation implant therapy protocols can be transformational for tertiary care implant teams. Improved outcomes while also achieving practice efficiency has become a reality.

Webinar: Optimizing Quality, Efficiency, and Economics in Private Practice Implant Dentistry

Providing “smart” treatment options to dental implant patients can lead to measurable private practice benefits. A smart treatment option is one that improves the time and cost of the procedure while also allowing the clinician an expanded scope of alternatives to address the patient’s specific needs.

Accelerated and more predictable implant therapy can increase patient volume, enhance practice efficiency, and minimize future reinterventions. Advances in implant system designs, together with proper associated advanced treatment protocols, have been introduced that have led to evidence based clinical and economic benefits.

This webinar educational program will review the advance treatment options available to achieve these clinical and economic benefits. A range of treatment and procedural types will be presented for multiple anterior tooth replacement. Cost, time, and outcome benefit analysis for these treatment options will be discussed. Optimizing case acceptance and minimizing complications is critical to a successful practice, especially in a time of economic uncertainty.

Webinar: The Essence of Precision Engineering and Quality Manufacturing

In this presentation, Mr. Graham Blackbeard highlights for attendees Southern Implants 33-year history and the role precision engineering and quality manufacturing has played in developing Innovative Treatment Solutions for optimal patient outcomes.


Webinar: “New Trends in Modern Dentistry” Optimizing Aesthetics with the Body-Shift™ INVERTA™ Implant
The webinar, which was held on Tuesday, March 31 by Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos, Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu and Dr. Stephen CHU, is available for anyone who has not been able to see it live,
Webinar : Partial Exctraction Therapies

Dr Howard Gluckman joined Dr Omid Moghaddas on Hot Seat to discuss Partial Extraction Therapies. All aspects of this final frontier in esthetic management of dental implants will be discussed and step by step procedure will be reviewed, complications and managements will be covered thoroughly.

Webinar: Optimizing Implant Cases with Osseodensification
also Introducing Body-Shift INVERTA™ Implant

Dr Costa Nicolopolous joined Dr Omid Moghaddas on Hot Seat to discuss optimizing implant sites with osseodensification.  In this webinar protocols of osseodensification in crestal sinus augmentation will be reviewed. body shift implant designs and their indications will be discussed and there will be a review on using zygomatic implants.

Webinar: Treatment options for the atrophic maxilla

If you missed the webinar by Mr Guy McLellan and Drs Riz Syed and Stavros Eleftheriou, it is now available to view

Webinar Part 1: Introduction – When and Why to Use a Wide-body Implant from Southern Implants

Part 1: Introduction – When and Why to Use a Wide-body Implant from Southern Implants Dr. Andrew Ackermann Johannesburg, South Africa Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Webinar Part 2: MAX Implant Surgical Technique from Southern Implants
Webinar Part 3: MAX Implants in the Mandible from Southern Implants
Webinar Part 4: MAX Implant Demonstration from Southern Implants

Part 4: MAX Implant Demonstration from Southern Implants Dr. Andrew Ackermann Johannesburg, South Africa Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Webinar: Treatment Solutions Simplified with a New and Innovative Internal Hex Implant

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