PROVATA Dental Implants

The PROVATA dental implant system offers practitioners an elegantly simple yet state-of-the-art implant, featuring the popular internal hex connection system, for treatment of the full range of clinical indications.

PROMAX™ Implant
PROVATA Co-Axis® Implant

Proven designs
The PROVATA® Implant is the combination of 2 proven designs: Southern Implants’ external hex body with an internal hex connection. The same implant body shape and thread as the external hex allows the same surgical kit and site preparation sequence. The PROVATA Implant internal hex connection is precision-machined for maximum stability and implant-abutment sealing, and provides excellent tactile sensibility during placement and connection of prosthetic parts.

The PROVATA range is made up of PRO (available in Ø4 & 5mm) and PROMAX™ (available in Ø6, 7, 8 & 9mm) implants.

Only 2 prosthetic connections
Regardless of implant diameter, PROVATA Implants have one of 2 prosthetic connection sizes: standard or wide. Labeling of standard connection prosthetics are color coded grey or yellow and, wide connection prosthetics are color coded blue, for easy recognition. This reduces clinician inventory requirements and ensures compatibility with a variety of existing tooling.

Technical Facts
  • Tapered body shape.
  • Manufactured from certified high strength Grade 4 Titanium (≥ 900 MPa).
  • PRO implants available in 4 and 5mm diameters, PROMAX™ implants available in 6,7,8 and 9mm diameters.
  • PRO implants available in lengths of 8.5-18mm, PROMAX™ implants available in lengths 7,9 and 11mm.
  • Available in 12° Co-Axis® and MSc versions.
Surgical and Prosthetic Benefits
  • Reduced inventory requirements.
  • Excellent tactile sensibility during placement of prosthetic components.
  • SInergy™ Surface. Southern Implants has used the same Alumina-blasted surface for over 20 years, with successful clinical results in both early osseointegration and longevity.
    Vandeweghe, S., Ferreira, D., Vermeersch, L., Mariën, M., & De Bruyn, H. (2016). Long‐term retrospective follow‐up of turned and moderately rough implants in the edentulous jaw. Clinical oral implants research, 27(4), 421-426.
    Vandeweghe, S., Hawker, P., & De Bruyn, H. (2016). An Up to 12‐Year Retrospective Follow‐Up on Immediately Loaded, Surface‐Modified Implants in the Edentulous Mandible. Clinical implant dentistry and related research, 18(2), 323-331.
  • A smooth machined beveled implant collar, which provides a built-in platform shift.
  • PRO implants available with MSc design for high risk patients (i.e. an extended smooth machined surface over the top crestal 3mm of the implant).
  • Rounded implant apex, which mitigates risk of harm to anatomical structures.
  • Wide range of prosthetic options for treatment of single tooth, partial or full arch edentulism in standard and digital designs.
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