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Digital Laboratory Analogues

Southern Implants’ Digital Laboratory Analogues are a part of the SIDigital comprehensive solution for CAD/CAM procedures. Digital Laboratory Analogues are intended to be used as dental implant replicas inserted into a 3D printed or a milled model to duplicate the location, orientation, and restorative platform of the implant placed in the mouth during CAD/CAM procedures.
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CIA Scanning Abutments

CIA Scanning Abutments form Southern Implants for External Hex Range, TRI-NEX® Range and Internal Octagon (IT) Range
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Scan Flags

A scan flag attaches to the implant before scanning providing the exact position of the implant in the software. A scanner is used to create a digital representation of an object, the scan flag could be scanned directly with an intraoral scanner or indirectly on a model.
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Passive Abutment

The Passive Abutment allows a predictable passive fit of superstructures in a repeatable way for both milled and cast restorations. This is accomplished by luting a pre-machined titanium interface into the finished prosthesis, using the laboratory master model.

This product is built on the premise that impeccable fit to the implant (minimizing microgap) is of great importance for longevity of implant treatment. The best milled interfaces result in 15 to 50 micron microgaps.
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Scan Abutments

Southern Implants has a wide range of Scan abutments available which can be scanned on their own or used in conjunction with digital libraries. Southern scan abutment are precision engineered providing a machined to machined fit with the implant.
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TIB Abutments

Made from Titanium the abutment creates a Ti-Ti connection between the abutment and implant. The TiB abutment is a scannable abutment that can be used in preparing CAD/CAM restorations.
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