Use of digital methods in place of traditional techniques for dental procedures are increasingly popular, Southern Implants have innovative CAD/CAM solution for the field of digital dentistry.
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Screw Retained

Screw-retained restorations allows for easy and nondestructive retrievability of the restoration. Screw retained restorations are designed to be screwed directly onto the implant or onto a screw retained abutment (Compact Conical Abutments). The advantages are the restoration can be unscrewed and repaired, maintenance, cleaning and alterations can be done without damaging the substructure, restoration or implants.
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Cement Retained

A cement-retained restoration is chosen for one of two reasons; to correct the prosthetic axis of an implant where ideal positioning was not possible, or as a personal preference of the restorative dentist. Although cement retained restorations are becoming less popular due to irretrievability of the restoration, Southern Implants continues to offer the following Cosmetic Abutments.
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Overdentures are recommended for the mandible only. Free standing implants in the maxilla have an extremely poor prognosis. Overdenture Abutments will give stability and retention to the denture but only limited support. A meso bar or fixed bridge will therefore always be superior. The overdenture abutment is therefore selected for primarily financial  reasons, ie. it is usually a compromise treatment. Overdenture Abutments should be placed as close to the mental foramen as possible to maximise lateral stability and minimise “rocking”, ie. ideal implant placement is not the same as one would choose for a doldar bar-type restoration.
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