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Southern Implants has been a pioneer in the top-end specialist sector of the dental implant market since 1987, servicing maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists and general dental practitioners alike.

INVERTA® Dental Implants

The INVERTA Implant is a novel implant incorporating an innovative Body-Shift Design™ allowing for apical bone engagement in immediate implant placement and a coronal chamber for bone growth resulting in natural aesthetics.
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Co-Axis® Dental Implants

Co-Axis® is the first threaded dental implant with an angled prosthetic platform correction.
This innovative design from Southern Implants allows oral surgeons and other dental professionals to utilize existing bone while maintaining the restorative platform at an angle that ensures an optimal esthetic result.
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MAX Dental Implants

The MAX tapered dental implant system is the first to allow for immediate placement into a multi-rooted molar extraction site.
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MSc Implants
Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) Dental Implants

The Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) dental implant surface treatment offers practitioners an innovative way to take advantage of the best characteristics of both smooth and moderately rough implant surfaces. A machined coronal region of specific surface roughness provides resistance against plaque and biofilm accumulation, and enhances the efficacy of preventive maintenance measures, thereby decreasing the risk of peri-implantitis. Meanwhile, the complementary moderately rough portion assures the superior osseointegration of modern surfaces. This hybrid surface design enables more predictable treatment of patients suffering from progressive bone loss.
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Southern Implants Surface – SInergy

The Southern Implants surface is classified as “moderately rough” (Sa 1-2μm), and is achieved by blasting with alumina particles followed by cleaning with inert solvents to remove blasting residues.

A. The first experimentation with this Southern Enhanced surface was in 1992. After extensive validation it was put into widespread clinical use in 1997. It is achieved by a subtractive process in which specifically sized and shaped, sharp cornered, Alumina particles (A 1203) are blasted with decontaminated air onto the implant surface with controlled pressure, displacement and time.

B. The particle size of 11 Oμm is supported by the work of Soskalne (Israel) and Wennerberg (Sweden) on the one hand and Ronald (Norway) on the other. Based on their research, greatest bone to titanium bond strength is obtained with abrasion particles greater than 75μm and less than 170μm…
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Passive Abutment

The Passive Abutment allows a predictable passive fit of superstructures in a repeatable way for both milled and cast restorations. This is accomplished by luting a pre-machined titanium interface into the finished prosthesis, using the laboratory master model.

This product is built on the premise that impeccable fit to the implant (minimizing microgap) is of great importance for longevity of implant treatment. The best milled interfaces result in 15 to 50 micron microgaps. Passive Abutments can be used with cast or milled abutments and structures, and reduce microgap to less than 3 microns.
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