Internal Hex Implants

Where state-of-the-art design meets
the proven internal hex connection system

Internal Hex Implants

Where state-of-the-art design meets
the proven internal hex connection system
The Internal Hex Implant Solution

The Internal Hex (M-series) dental implant system offers practitioners an implant featuring the proven internal hex connection system alongside design features to ensure predictable outcomes. The internal hex connection is precision-machined for maximum stability and implant-abutment sealing, and provides excellent tactile sensibility during placement and connection of prosthetic parts.

State-of-the-art design features include micro-threads on the implant neck, a built-in platform shift, a highly effective self-tapping thread, and the Southern Implants’ moderately rough Alumina blasted surface (with over 20 years of proven clinical success). The option of the Co-Axis® (angulated platform) offers practitioners a versatile and trustworthy tool for effective treatment for a full range of indications.


Bevelled machined collar minimising plaque adhesion


Optimally distribute load in the cortical region

Built-in Platform Shift

Prosthetic platform shift in each of the available configurations

High Strength Titanium

Enables exceptional fatigue strength functionality

Thread Design

Highly effective self-tapping thread

SInergy™ Surface

Alumina-blasted surface with over 20 years of clinical results

  • Tapered body shape
  • Manufactured from certified high strength Grade 4 Titanium (≥ 920 MPa)
  • Available in Ø3.75mm, Ø4.2mm and Ø5mm diameters
  • Lengths include 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm and 18mm
  • Hex Width: 2.44mm (across Flats)
  • Built in platform shift
  • Available in 12° Co-Axis®
  • SInergy™ Surface. Southern Implants has used the same Alumina-blasted surface for over 20 years, with successful clinical results in both early osseointegration and longevity
  • Rounded implant apex, which mitigates risk of harm to anatomical structures.
  • Reverse Crestal taper on the implant neck to ease lateral stresses on the cortical bone
  • Smooth collar to minimise plaque and bacterial adhesion.
  • Microthreads on the implant neck to optimally distribute the load in the critical cortical region
  • Double start thread with enabling a more aggressive thread pitch with compromising bone to implant contact (increasing primary stability)
  • 12° Co-Axis® provide the ideal prosthetic platform for screw-retained restorations
  • Reduced inventory requirements
  • A smooth machined beveled implant collar, which provides a built-in platform shift
  • Wide range of prosthetic options for treatment of single tooth, partial or full arch edentulism in standard and digital designs
  • Excellent tactile sensibility during placement of prosthetic components

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