IT Dental Implants

The Southern Implants IT implant range, has an internal connection system, with an interface that has been proven by both Swiss and American manufacturers. The implant abutment interface consists of an external 45 degree bevel top, an internal octagon for anti-rotation and an 8 degree internal taper. Southern Implants manufactures these implants in both a cylindrical and tapered version, with the same surface treatment that is used with all our other implants.

Apart from providing a greater range of prosthetic options, we are very pleased to now be able to offer the MAXIT and the ITST12d Co-Axis™ implants.

IT Connection – MAX Implants
IT Connection – Co-Axis® Implants
IT Connection – Straight
MAXIT Implant

The MAXIT is based on the design of our unique, externally-hexed MAX implant, with which we have had great success. Giving you greater choice in the IT range, we have manufactured the MAXIT, with the IT implant abutment interface. The protocol of the MAXIT implant, is for immediate placement into molar extraction sockets. The MAXIT’s are manufactured in 3 diameters, 7, 8 & 9mm, and three lengths, 7, 9 & 11mm. All the implants in this range have a horizontal offset, or forced platform shifting.

ITST Co-Axis® Implant

An engineering marvel, the ITST Co-Axis® is now available in a 4 & 5mm diameter, with an angle of 12 degrees built into the implant abutment interface. The Co-Axis®™ solution eliminates the need for custom manufactured abutments, or angled abutments. The ITST 12 degree Co-Axis™ provides a solution which is ideal for the anterior maxilla, or simply for those situations, where the available bone does not allow for the ideal angulation of the implant. Having the angled interface available, makes restoration far easier.

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