Co-Axis® Implants

Threaded dental implant with angled prosthetic platform correction

Co-Axis® Implants

Threaded dental implant with angled prosthetic platform correction
The Co-Axis® Implant Solution

This innovative design from Southern Implants allows oral surgeons and other dental professionals to utilise existing bone while maintaining restorative platform at an angle that ensures an optimal aesthetic result.

Co-Axis® Enabled

Angled prosthetic platform correction

Decreases Prosthetic Stack

Due to angle correction within the implant, decreases need for angled abutments

Increased Versatility

12°, 24°, 36° platform corrections allow optimal use of available bone

Increased Parallelism

Allows for simplified restorations in multi-implant cases

High Strength Titanium

Enables exceptional fatigue strength enabling Co-Axis®functionality

Decreased Retaining Screw Fracture

Co-Axis® feature decreases stresses on retaining screw resulting in less prosthetic failures

Increase Patient Acceptance

Co-Axis® versatility leads to higher patient acceptance and less bone graft procedures

Reduced Need for Bone Grafting

Saving costs
and increasing
patient acceptance

  • Available with connection interfaces External Hex, Tri-Nex, Internal Octagon, Deep Conical and M-Series (Internal Hex)
  • 12°, 24° or 36° platform correction angle, dependent on range and diameter
  • Tapered body
  •  Diameters ranging from 3.25-6.00mm
  • Lengths ranging from 8.5-18mm
  • Surface roughened by Alumina blasting and chemically conditioned, giving a moderately rough surface with 15 years evidence of clinical success
  •  Available fully surface roughened or with MSc (Machined Surface Coronal) hybrid surface (External Hex & Provata Internal Hex)
  • Ideal for immediate placement after extraction
  • Reduced need for bone grafting
  • Increased patient acceptance
  • Increased parallelism in multi-implant cases
  • Ability to use standard surgical protocol and instrumentation
  • Optimised orientation allows for simplified restoration
  • Predictable aesthetics, especially in the anterior
  • Allows for screw-retained restorations
  • Reduces laboratory and component costs
  • Allows for the use of standard prosthetic components

What the MAX fixture did for me was that it allowed me to increase chances of being able to provide immediate molar replacement treatment for patients that needed immediate molar replacement. In the past we had to graft and come back and this increased appointments and reduced patient acceptance. MAX was also appealing to my referral base because they know that I can provide immediate molar replacement as an option as opposed to the traditional graft and wait approach.

Dr Safa Tahmasebi

Prosthodontist United States of America

The MAX implant is specially engineered for restoring molar sites with an appropriately high loadbearing implant. Its unique design results in an implant which achieves favourable primary stability in extraction sockets and healed ridges alike.

Michelle Dos Santos

Engineer - Southern Implants

MAX implants: a vital tool in any implant practice. They make immediate molar implant placement possible in even the most unlikely of clinical scenarios. Use of MAX implants reduce the need for sinus augmentations, thereby reducing cost, complexity and treatment duration for patients. They provide a wide platform for ideal emergence profile, huge strength, and allow impressive primary stability. A win-win for surgeon and patient. I would not be without them.

Dr Mark Worthing

Dental surgeon United Kingdom

Co-Axis® has changed everything. After placing thousands of uniaxial implants, transitioning to Co-Axis® has allowed me a means of screw retention implantology and reduced pressure on supra-crestal tissues. Co-Axis® has become the standard method of treatment. I could not imagine giving this up after 5 years of success!

Dr Barry Levin

Periodontist & Implant Dentist, United States of America

Co-Axis® is one of the most ingenious concepts in dental implantology. It is a gift to any implant restorative dentist.

Since using Co-Axis® we have not done a cement retained restoration for the last 15 years and I would never want to be without it for as long as I practice.

Dr André Hattingh

Periodontist, United Kingdom

Co-Axis is the smartest concept in accelerated implant treatment – could never work without it!

Dr Costa Nicolopoulos

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Greece & UAE

Immediate Implant Placement (IIP) is one of the critical treatment options I offer my patients.

Being able to provide screw retained crowns in every situation is an essential part of the treatment. The position of the tooth in the arch determines the ideal position of the implant.

In many cases a screw retained option is not possible without the use of a Co-Axis® implant. It has become a critical part of my implant dentistry.

Dr Howard Gluckman

Dental Implants Periodontist, South Africa

For the last 7 years I have been using Co-Axis® for various indications. I can honestly say, I don’t know how I managed 20 years in the implant dentistry without it. Managing anterior aesthetics and full arch rehabilitations without Co-Axis® will always be a compromised case. The gain in soft tissue in the anterior zone using Co-Axis® helps with maintaining a good outcome long term. If you have not tried Co-Axis® implants I recommend you do!

Prof Dr PO Östman

Professor, Dentist Sweden

Co-Axis® is about getting the engineering right. Tilting implants without in-implant axis correction, is simply bad engineering, that manifests with greater rates of complications.

Graham Blackbeard

Managing Director - Southern Implants

Co-Axis® has been not so much a game changer but rather a whole new game. A better, more fun and more predictable game.
The way I can place down the centre of the ridge, utilizing the very best bone, but at the same time, create an ideal screw access, and an implant emergence to die for! I would never go back to not having Co-Axis® in my implant toolbox.

Dr Dominic O'Hooley

Dental implants: General & Cosmetic Dentistry, United Kingdom

The Co-Axis® concept is one of the most intelligent innovations to systematize screw-retained prosthetic restorations and accelerate the treatment of our patients. Less bone grafting & less complex prosthetic components.

Now, more than ever, an essential tool to improve the care for our patients.

Dr Charles Malthieu

Dental Surgeon, France

The use of Co-Axis® in combination with Southern’s site specific implant range is a game changer in implant dentistry.

From single implants to full arch reconstructions, the flexibility of the 12°, 24° and 36° implant range ensures optimal implant positioning while utilising the available bone.

As a zygomatic surgeon, the 55° zygomatic implant range (in combination with the machined surface) significantly reduces the palatal positioning historically linked to this technique.

Dr Riz Syed

Implant Surgeon, United Kingdom
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