The MAX tapered dental implant system is the first to allow for immediate placement into a multi-rooted molar extraction site.


A conventional implant is not suited for immediate placement in the molar extraction socket. As a result, waiting periods of three to four months are necessary to allow for healing of the socket prior to implant placement. Often, the healed extraction site presents reduced bone height, inadequate for implant placement without a bone augmentation procedure.


The award-winning MAX dental implant systems feature a body with a larger-than-conventional diameter to fill the molar site, ultimately achieving primary stability from engagement with the perimeter bony wall. With tapered dental implant bodies and an enhanced surface, the MAX tapered dental implant is designed to fit the natural shape of the molar socket. The end result is an optimal implant fit in the multi-rooted immediate extraction site that minimizes bone loss and reduces treatment time.

Surgical and Prosthetic Benefits

  • Fits multi-rooted molar socket and allows for immediate placement following extraction
  • Maximizes bone preservation
  • Minimizes need for bone grafting
  • Avoids adjacent tooth roots
  • Increases patient acceptance
  • Reduces treatment time
  • Ability to use standard surgical protocol and instrumentation with minimal additions
  • Ability to use compatible prosthetic components by "platform switching"

Technical Facts

  • 7mm, 8mm and 9mm diameter, (6mm diameter MSc only)
  • Greater degree of taper
  • 7mm, 9mm, and 11mm lengths
  • Enhanced surface
  • Available in External Hex, Tri-Nex and Internal Octagon connections


  • American Academy of Osseointegration (AO) - Best Innovation Award, 2008
  • The SABS - Design Excellence Award - Medical Devices, 2010

Downloadable Documents


For further detailed information about the MAX Implant, please see the documents made available below for your reference.

MAX Information Leaflet Download
Southern Implants Product Brochure Download
MAX Implant Protocol Download