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The award-winning MAX dental implant systems feature a body with a larger-than-conventional diameter to fill the molar site...


The anatomic limitations of the anterior maxilla often require either tilting of the implant or a grafting procedure.


The External Hex interface is the most established connection system on the market, and the preferred choice...

External Hex

Tri-Nex dental implants from Southern Implants feature a tapered, internal tri-lobe implant design...

Tri-Nex Connection

The Southern Implants IT implant range, has an internal connection system, with an interface that has been proven...


The Deep Conical (DC) dental implant system offers practitioners a dental implant with state-of-the-art...

Deep Conical

The M-Series dental implant system offers practitioners an elegantly simple yet state-of-the-art implan...

Internal Hex

The Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) dental implant surface treatment offers practitioners an innovative way to take...

MSc Connection

2 in 1-pilot drill + surgical guide This kit includes 5 assorted drills & 5 assorted analogues


Φρέζες κοπής μετάλλου ss white (FG1702SL) με μακρύ στέλεχος...

Carbide burs

Αποτυπωτικά υλικά , ειδικά κατασκευασμένα για την αποτύπωση περιστατικών με εμφυτεύματα. Και τα δύο υλικά είναι ADDITION CURED...

Impression Materials

Ρύγχη ανάμιξης για προϊόντα σε φύσιγγα/σύριγγα (αποτυπωτικά - κονίες κ.α.) Πράσινα-κίτρινα ρύγχοι Κατάλληλα για χρήση σε όλα τα λεπτόρευστα αποτυπωτικά υλικά σε φύσιγγα που τοποθετείται σε πιστόλι 1:1

Ρύγχη ανάμιξης

Μέσες αποστάσεις μεταξύ των κέντρων των εμφυτευμάτων σαν οδηγός για την τοποθέτηση.


Δισκάρια αποτύπωσης Cbite dds, με ένα καινοτόμο σχεδιασμό...

Δισκάρια Αποτύπωσης

Χειρουργικό Μοτέρ - Model : ISE-170L


Απορροφάται με υδρόλυση που προσφέρει μία σταθερή απορρόφηση. 3/0 σε 24 χιλιοστά μήκος...

Συνθετικό Απορροφούμενο Χειρουργικό Ράμμα

Χειρουργικές φρέζες - κατάλληλες για διχοτόμηση - τριχοτόμηση οδόντων και παρασκευής οστού για την...


Το Teebone BCP είναι ένα συνθετικό κεραμικό μόσχευμα το οποίο περιέχει φωσφορικό κάλιο και έχει σχεδιαστεί για την πλήρωση οστού. Το κεραμικό μόσχευμα...


Η ταχύτητα κοπής του κοπτικού περιστριφικού εργαλείου Talon είναι εντελώς διαφορετική απο ότι έχετε δεί μέχρι τώρα. Κόβει πάντα ανεξάρτητα απο την γωνία

Tri Hawk

Densah Bur Verashtility


The External Hex interface is the most established connection system on the market, and the preferred choice for many training institutions and top-end users. Many clinicians worldwide continue to prefer the External Hex for its ease of use, widespread availability, long history of clinical success, and from mere personal preference. 

It is also known to be more "forgiving" in situations of impassive fit or implant divergence. Southern Implants has therefore continued to refine its External Hex range, to provide its loyal supporters with exceptional reliability alongside proven modern features.


Macrodesign has been carefully optimised through body shapes, thread profile, cutting flutes, and a wide range of diameters and lengths. All implants feature the Southern Implants moderately rough Alumina blasted-surface (with over 15 years of proven clinical success), and selected sizes are available with the Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) hybrid roughness, indicated for patients at high risk of thread exposure or infection. A smoother collar of specific roughness provides proven resistance against peri-implantitis, and many platform-switch options are available. For those desiring the best of both worlds, Southern Implants also offers an external hex-internal drive option.

The connection geometry makes many variations of implant body possible, including Co-Axis™ and MAX options, as well as standard-diameter and -length implants with cylindrical or tapered bodies. The external hex connection is also used on specialised osseointegrating fixtures such as the ultra-short, zygomatic and oncology implants, making this the most versatile interface type on the market.

Surgical and Prosthetic Benefits

  • Classic, trusted connection with sought-after modern features
  • Forgiving interface
  • Good all-round stability with any prosthetic design
  • Widest range of prosthetic options for treatment of single tooth, partial or full edentulism
  • Expansive range of body shapes, lengths, diameters, platform angulations and specialised designs
  • Widespread use and availability

Technical Facts

  • Standard implants available in 3.0mm (MSc only), 3.25mm, 3.75mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.0mm diameters, lengths 6-20mm, tapered or cylindrical body shapes
  • Co-Axis™ implants available in 4.0mm, 5.0mm and 6.00mm diameters, lengths 8.5-18mm, platform angulations of 12°, 24° and 36°
  • MAX implants available in 6.0mm (MSc only), 7.0mm, 8.0mm and 9.0mm diameters, lengths 7,9 and 11mm
  • Moderately rough surface with 15 years of clinical evidence
  • Also available with Machined Surface Coronal (MSc) hybrid surface for easier coronal debridement

Downloadable Documents


For further detailed information about the External Hex Implant, please see the documents made available below for your reference.

External Hex Catalogue Download
Southern Implants Product Brochure Download